Wherever you want to go, the School of Natural Resources will get you there.

We encourage our students to follow their passions. The school’s learning experience is one that happens both inside and outside of the classroom, creating a robust framework for our students.

Whether you want to research lake sturgeon populations, study tree physiology, or lay the ground work for your veterinary degree, we have the resources to help you succeed.

We offer exciting curricula for undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral programs.

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Our Signature Experience:
Fall Camp

Fall Block—also known affectionately as “Fall Camp”—is taken during the fall semester of senior year by students in all concentrations except for wildland recreation in the Forestry major, and wildlife health in the Wildlife and Fisheries Science major.

Fall Camp is an intensive set of classes that are taken together and taught in a block format, meaning that students participate in these courses all day long, spending most of their time learning in a field environment.

Students will receive hands-on training in their respective areas of study, team-building skills, and a wide variety of other forestry or wildlife and fisheries management skills. These skills are explained in the classroom and taught in the field. Many students feel that Fall Block is the most important part of their education.

A collage of students and researchers working in the lab and in the field in various natural resources subjects.
Undergraduate students measure trees at the UT Arboretum
Undergraduate Program
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A graduate research assistant teaches other students telemetry techniques.
Master's Program
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A doctoral student studies carbon fiber applications at the Center for Renewable Carbon.
Doctoral Program
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