We provide Extension and outreach programs to every county in the state, bringing useful and innovative research to Tennessee’s citizens.

Our goal is to support our state’s land-grant mission by sharing expert knowledge and research on the environment and natural resource management. The school’s Extension work focuses on engaging the public, associations, and private industry to deliver resources to help improve lives and businesses through education and training. This is a joint effort by the University, state and federal agencies, and various partnering associations.

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Close-up of a student holding a fish in their hands after capturing it with a sein.
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A student stands in a forest and measures the height of a tree with a clinometer.
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Professor Patrick Keyser inspects a native grass pasture in East Tennessee.
Native Grasslands
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Outdoor Recreation
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An urban forester inspects the health of a large oak tree.
Urban Forestry
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A bird is captured for banding at Seven Islands State Birding Park.
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A stack of logs sits ready for the saw mill.
Wood Science & Products
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Extension Contacts

Chris Graves865-974-1568
Forest and wildlife management
Craig Harper 865-974-7992
Wildlife management, upland habitat management
Sharon Jean-Philippe 865-974-2946
Urban forestry, arboriculture, Champion Tree Program, TUFC webinar series
Pat Keyser 865-974-0644
Management of native grasslands including establishment, forages, biomass crops, restoration; management of woodlands and savannahs, and associated wildlife
David Mercker 731-425-4703
Sustainable forest management, timber sales, crop tree release, timber stand improvement; programs include Forest*A*Syst, Tennessee Healthy Hardwoods, Forest Certification, Teachers Conservation Workshop, Master Logger
Stephen Peairs865-974-7990
Silviculture, forestry herbicide applications, and TFA Master Logger training
Nicole Peterson865-974-7346
General inquiries, administration
Ryan Sharp716-289-6107
Outdoor Recreation and Park Management
Adam Taylor 865-946-1125
Wood products, processing, and properties