Forestry students plant seedlings on reclaimed mining land in Ducktown

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Four forestry students joined School of Natural Resources Professor Jennifer Franklin Tuesday to plant 60 blight-resistant American chestnut hybrid seedlings on reclaimed mining land in Ducktown, Tenn.

Rachel Brock, Nica Ables, Anna Carter and Ian Barry picked up shovels and dug holes for the planting organized by Coal Creek Watershed Foundation.

Copper Basin High School students, the Ducktown Basin Museum, the Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement and Glenn Springs Holdings also helped with the effort.

Foundation President Barry Thacker grew the seedlings from nuts he received from the American Chestnut Foundation.

Everyone who participated in the planting received a red bandana in honor of the miners who fought in the Coal Creek War from 1891-1892 in opposition of convict labor in mines.